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LvdH PPMC offers various services in both Dutch and English. At present the following services are offered:

  1. Program / Project Management.
    To execute Program / Project Management of programs and projects.

  2. Consultancy.
    Providing advisory services in the areas of Program / Project Management in the Information and Communication Technology environment and perform improvement in process improvement (process improvement).

  3. Crisis Management.
    To "defuse" the crisis, harmonize the environment and pick up the thread again to bring the whole. To a successful conclusion

  4. Standardization.
    The standardization of processes and procedures so that, for example projects or 'business as usual' environments to more effective, efficient and independent person expired.

  5. Workshops.
    Organizing and / or conducting workshops for example to define a project or to bring together to tackle a project. People together

  6. Personal coaching.
    Coaching of Project Managers example in their professional and / or personal development from a holistic point of view.

These services are discussed in detail in the submenus. The descriptions are based on Lex's personal knowledge and experience gained in over 30 years in many (international) environments in many roles.